Meet the CEO

A Sprout Is Born

Pavi was born in the province of Laguna, Philippines. She’s a daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, and a mom. She has one daughter named Brooklyne Paige.

Buds Appear

In 2014, Pavi opened a shop in Baguio City, Philippines called Elle and Beyond. She used to sell matching clothes for mothers and daughters.

In the same year, her shop, Elle and Beyond launched a skin care line. Her products were a hit and Pavi was able to grow her business from one shop to more than 30 distributors and resellers as far as Dubai and USA in no time.

She also expanded her business line and opened a Spa and Salon.

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Full Bloom

Pavi’s passion and love for the beauty industry encouraged her to launch Pavi Elle Beauty and Wellness. With her own brand, Pavi strongly believes that she will be able to meet the demands of her clients and distributors freely.

Pavi Elle Beauty and Wellness aims to bring quality products from their packaging to every tiny ingredient in each product. Pavi focuses on beauty as a whole offering a line of Detox products that will help every consumer live a better life, one tea at a time.

Most importantly, Pavi Elle and Beauty and Wellness aims to help families and individuals alleviate poverty and financial struggles by offering a business program that is easy on the pocket.

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Leaf Of Faith

In 2016, Pavi moved to the USA. She had to close all her businesses in the Philippines. However, still, many opportunities came her way.

Pavi works as a Paralegal in the United States. In 2018, Pavi was featured as a beauty icon at an all-women book that was published in New York and were sold in bookstores in the United States.

However, she has a tiny problem living there. Living in the USA, with four different seasons, she always had a hard time finding a skincare that suits her skin type.

Blossom Time

That is why in July 2020, Pavi invested into a skin care business from the Philippines and brought it to the United States. She dedicated herself and worked with all her heart to reach where she is at right now.

She was able to grow her team to almost 70 resellers and distributors within the USA. She was also featured at a local internet TV show based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Pavi is also part of the teams that pioneered the skin care business in Australia and UK.

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